Saturday, June 17, 2017

You are so loved!

I have been told three times
in the past month or so 
that "your kids are so loved." 
One was from a complete stranger
who was brought to tears 
by watching my girls.
She was the sweetest old lady 
and her words blessed me 
so much. 
Then I heard it two other times. 
It is nice to hear.
And of course I love my kids 
but there is something others can 
see in them that shows how 
loved they are. 
I'm not writing this to brag in anyway
I just wanted to share 
how much I LOVE my kids.

Sure there is tough times, 
tough days. They fight,they don't 
always listen, they are needy,
and whiney, and tire me out. 
But they are mine.
And they need ME. 
I love them each for who they are.
I love doing little things to make
them feel special. 
I love giving them their favorite 
treat just to see the joy in 
their face. 
I love making new memories with them. 
Even making them their breakfast.
I know that sounds silly but 
I get to serve them and 
bless them with a yummy plate
of food which in a few short years 
they probably won't want or 
need me to do anymore. 
I love taking care of my girls.

I guess its how God made me.
I never was drawn to a career path. 
In community college I changed my 
major 3 times and then never finished 
because I had no idea what 
I wanted to "be." 
I just wanted to be a wife and a mama!!
And now I am!
I'm living my dream! 
And loving...almost every minute of it!!! ;)
So that is why hearing 3 different people's
kind words totally blessed me!