Sunday, January 1, 2017

Time to catch up!!

 Hippy Mama Blog?? Hmmm...never heard of it. 
haha. Wow time flies when you're havin fun!
I have not forgotten about blogging but finding
time is unfortunately almost impossible. 
We have been having a blast over here keeping 
busy, finding lots of fun family time, 
and enjoying the seasons!
So lets catch up! 

 This little chic turned 5 in October! 
She's such a spunky little sweetheart! 
 We did some hiking this Fall which the girls love!
 We went to Tennessee over Thanksgiving. 
11 hour drive with 4 girlies???? No we are not nuts
we just love adventure and really enjoy
spending time with Nee-Nee and Pops.
The long drive is so worth it!!
 Every grandchild has a cabin named after them. 
And every time we are there we have to get a pic!!

 We had beautiful weather.
 When we got home it was...Christmas time!

We did some festive activities!

Christmas girls!

Sister luvin!
 I am so happy I have been able to volunteer in my daughters 
class. I am a room mom so I was in charge 
of planning the Christmas party 
which was really fun. 
I love that I know every child in her class!

Christmas fun!

So far Winter is flying by and this Summer luvin
girl hopes it stays that way!!
I truly try to be present and just enjoy every day
to the fullest and everything is
funner with these girlies!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

These days...

My last post was August. Wow where 
does the time go?!
It has been a busy
few months. 
Lots of changes, 
lots of celebrations, and lots of memories
Here's some snip-its from our life these days!
Petey and I are a bunch of thirty-some year olds!!
It's so funny how what seems "old" 
continues to change. 
As a kid 30 sounded sooooo old. 
Now I'm 31 and can't hardly
believe it! 
 Birthdays don't upset us
though we embrace each 
birthday as they come because it means
1 more year of life lived, 1 more year of memories made,
1 more year wiser!!
Getting older is fun! (so far ;))

Family picnics are the best!

Sushi for all!!
We always do sushi for mama's Birthday and 
my girls love it!!

My Girlies!!

Now that Noni is in school I get to have
fun adventures with just my littles!!
Oppy girl is becoming quite silly!

Things are moving along with
our sweet baby J! (our foster baby)
Lots of waiting! 
Lots of trusting in Gods perfect plan 
for this babe! 
We are learning so much as 
we wait!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My BIG girl!

My beautiful Noni girl is getting so big!
She's maturing and turning into 
such a wonderful little person!
She is 7 now! 
I have a 7 year old, how crazy is that?!
She is so full of life.
Loves adventure, trying new things, creating things 
and is very athletic. 
She is in a super silly phase
and enjoys jokes. 
She is an awesome BIG Sister
and helps me so much with baby J.
It's such a beautiful thing to see 
helping her sisters figure something out,
or teach them something new.
She is a gentle and caring little girl!

She started 1st grade this year. Her first time
going to public school.
I gave homeschooling a try but I
said from the beginning that we would take it
year by year and for this year I
think this is whats best for us.
So far she is loving it.
Everyday is something new and exciting.
She loves music class the most she said.
Its been an easy transition which
I did not expect.
But change is good. and Noni likes change!
So yay for 1st grade adventures!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

11 years of...bliss!

11 years of being married to my best friend.
11 years of having someone by my side no matter what.
11 years of growing as a couple and individually.
11 years of adventures. 
7 of those years parenting together. 

My heart aches with love for this man. 
I cannot imagine life without him. 
He truly makes me a better person. 
I am so blessed to call him hubby!!

The past 11 years truly have been bliss. 
Not because everything in our life is perfect 
but because no matter what we go 
through, all the ups and downs
we are going through it together.
We know no matter what 
we will always be there for each other.

So yes we celebrate 11 years of bliss!!!!! 

some pics from back in the day.,,

Our wedding!

 10 year anniversary!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

6 year Dreadies!

 My dreadies are 6 years old now!
Can't believe it. I remember the day I was going 
to get them done. 
I was a little nervous but so ready. 
I had come to the realization that 
"its just hair" "if it isn't working then I'll 
just get rid of them" and "ya only live once."
My midwife and a friend did them for me. 
Starting them did not take long but
getting them to the point where
I actually liked the way they looked
to quite a while. 
Probably 2 years. That's the thing with dreads 
you have to be patient. They have a mind of their own.
I absolutley love them now. They 
are getting quite long but it 
doesn't bother me. 
Ok so the top 5 questions I get asked.

Do you wash them?-YES, just not every day
 Is that your real hair?-YES
Are they heavy?-Only when wet
How long does it take to get your hair like that?-a while
Do you have to cut them off when you are done with them?-YUP

Another question is how long am I going to keep 
them for. And the answer to that is 
I have no idea. 
No plans to cut them any time soon. 
Here are a few pics from the journey.
The day I was going to get dreads!!

Day 1

 2 year old dreadies

4 year old dreadies

 6 year dreadies! Wohoo!
I always wanted hair down to my butt and could never
let it grow that long. Now I have dreadies
that are almost there. 

And now my hubby has dreadies!!
His are about 7 months old! Ain't he cute. :)