Monday, January 8, 2018

That's a wrap!

2018? What? 
Happy New Year everyone!
A new Year! 
New memories to make. 
New to do lists, new goals, 
new dreams, and so many
new things to learn. 
I don't always do a new years resolution,
but sometimes I do. I'm not against them 
like some people are.
I think starting fresh and new and 
making a plan to do some 
things differently or better is 
a good thing.
To purposefully make better
choices in order to better 
yourself is good even if 
it only lasts a few weeks. Right?
I find myself this New Year feeling very 
Not sure what for specifically. 
My heart is very hopeful!
The definition of hopeful is feeling or 
inspiring optimism about a future event.
That's what I'm feeling but I don't know 
what the event is.
I know the adoption of baby J is
a huge event but I don't feel like 
that is it. Maybe it is. 
Once it is official it is going to be 
like a door closing. 
A dream we had and has been 
So then what? 
I don't know what God has for us this year 
but we are dreaming that's for sure!
We are open to whatever 
He has for us!

A recap of 2017....

We celebrated 12 years of marriage!
New tatt, got chicks, n lots of festive girls! :)

Give me the beach!!!

Daddy and his beach babes!!

The girls did dance for the first time!

Oppy turned 4!

Noni turned 8! What???

Baby J turned 2!

Evey turned 6!!

Daddy had lots of special dates with his girls!

I fell in love with my 4th little girl!
Family photo sess!

Mama got FIT this year! 

Embracing the Winter!! 

Cuties in their Lula Roo's!!

Always flipping and cartwheeling and sometimes mama joins in!

My kiddos luv snapchat!

We had lots of fun!!!

That's a wrap!!

Monday, October 9, 2017


It feels like a time of changes for
our family right now.
We have celebrated 4 out of 6 of our family
members birthdays!
My babies just keep getting bigger which brings
new things.
Maturity, milestones, so fun to
see them grow and change and become
more of their own individuals.

We are a month in to school and 
we have quite the routine. 
I'm not one for 
schedules but I do like 
having some routine in my days.
And although I LOVE Summer 
there is something sweet 

in the change of season.
I love change!
I get bored easily so change
is fun and exciting!

It took some adjusting for my sweet girl.
Second grade is quite different then first grade.
Different teacher, different classmates,
different ways of doing things.
We've had some tears and challenges but
I believe her overcoming these challenges
is helping her grow.
I'm so proud of her!
And she is enjoying school now! Yay!

This little in love with school!
No fear!
She's having a blast!
Waiting at the bus stop! 

Oppy, baby J and I have been having fun spending
our afternoons together
just the 3 of us!

 Besides school and the season we are on the brink of
some other changes.
Peter is starting a new job next month
which is kind of scary
but super exciting.
It's metal work something
he has never done before
with a really good friend! God's hand
was completely on that
since he wasn't even looking for a new job.
He was approached with
the opportunity and it just felt right.

The other change is that
we will be officially adopting baby J.
Some day!
We still have no idea when exactly but
it is coming...

Happy Fall!
Embrace change!! 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fun in the SUN!

It's Summer! 
And I love it! There is 
something so special about Summer!
So magical!
I know I sound like a little kid
but it just does something to me.
Me and Summer 
are like two peas in a pod!
Schools out. Days are long.
Lots of outdoor time!
Picnics, cookouts, hikes!
So many fun things. 
Here's some of our adventures!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

You are so loved!

I have been told three times
in the past month or so 
that "your kids are so loved." 
One was from a complete stranger
who was brought to tears 
by watching my girls.
She was the sweetest old lady 
and her words blessed me 
so much. 
Then I heard it two other times. 
It is nice to hear.
And of course I love my kids 
but there is something others can 
see in them that shows how 
loved they are. 
I'm not writing this to brag in anyway
I just wanted to share 
how much I LOVE my kids.

Sure there is tough times, 
tough days. They fight,they don't 
always listen, they are needy,
and whiney, and tire me out. 
But they are mine.
And they need ME. 
I love them each for who they are.
I love doing little things to make
them feel special. 
I love giving them their favorite 
treat just to see the joy in 
their face. 
I love making new memories with them. 
Even making them their breakfast.
I know that sounds silly but 
I get to serve them and 
bless them with a yummy plate
of food which in a few short years 
they probably won't want or 
need me to do anymore. 
I love taking care of my girls.

I guess its how God made me.
I never was drawn to a career path. 
In community college I changed my 
major 3 times and then never finished 
because I had no idea what 
I wanted to "be." 
I just wanted to be a wife and a mama!!
And now I am!
I'm living my dream! 
And loving...almost every minute of it!!! ;)
So that is why hearing 3 different people's
kind words totally blessed me! 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thoughts on Fostering...

Life is so crazy! 
I never would have thought in a million 
years that I would be a foster mom.
Yet here we are! 
I already shared in a previous post
how we got to this point, you can read that Here.
I just wanted to share how it's
going now after 11months.
Yes we've had our sweet baby J for 11 months already!
I  remember the day I went and got her. 
How strange it felt to 
be taking another person's child home with me for
who knows how long. 
 It was so exciting to finally be matched 
and to be able to put a face with the child we had 
been longing for. 
But the heart wrenching reality that she
is not with her mom and dad and may never be,
still breaks my heart. 
Unfortunately it is what it is
and there is nothing anyone can do about it at this point.
Their parental rights are in the process
of being terminated.
It is moving towards adoption which I
don't think has truly sunk in yet.
 I am processing a lot of emotions,
working through all that goes with
this fostering to adopt deal.
It's a bitter sweet thing.

It's always easier to look back in
hindsight and see how God was moving
and gently guiding our steps.
He knew J needed us!
He chose J to be part of our family
and He is choosing for her to be
with us forever! And that gives me comfort!
That brings me peace through all the chaos of emotions.
He has a plan for J's life and He chose
US to be part of it!

I am thankful for all that foster care
has taught us so far.
It's taught us to love even when we don't
feel like it.
My girls pure, innocent, overflowing,
love that they have for J has been such a blessing and
encouragement to Peter and I.
We have learned to accept the fact that there
are things we have to do that we don't feel like doing.
  Fostering has taught us to trust God
with the unknown,
 because man there is a lot of unknown in foster care.
Patience. I think my patience has grown a little
(Maybe a lot) in this process,
we just have to let go of our expectations and wait
wait wait for answers.
We've learned to live in the moment.
All that we were sure of is that she
is with us today and we need
to show her love today!

I found a blog about foster care
a while ago and it has been so helpful
an encouraging to keep going. No
matter how hard it is we have to keep going,
 not for our sake but for baby J's sake.
Check it out if you want to read more about foster
care or if you are wondering if foster care is
something you should do.

The challenge has been so worth it!
Although it is coming to an end I feel like
this is just the beginning!
This journey is no where near the
end it's just getting started!
I can't wait to see what else God has for us!!

"My God will meet all of your needs
according to his glorious riches
in Christ Jesus."
Phil 4;19

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Time to catch up!!

 Hippy Mama Blog?? Hmmm...never heard of it. 
haha. Wow time flies when you're havin fun!
I have not forgotten about blogging but finding
time is unfortunately almost impossible. 
We have been having a blast over here keeping 
busy, finding lots of fun family time, 
and enjoying the seasons!
So lets catch up! 

 This little chic turned 5 in October! 
She's such a spunky little sweetheart! 
 We did some hiking this Fall which the girls love!
 We went to Tennessee over Thanksgiving. 
11 hour drive with 4 girlies???? No we are not nuts
we just love adventure and really enjoy
spending time with Nee-Nee and Pops.
The long drive is so worth it!!
 Every grandchild has a cabin named after them. 
And every time we are there we have to get a pic!!

 We had beautiful weather.
 When we got home it was...Christmas time!

We did some festive activities!

Christmas girls!

Sister luvin!
 I am so happy I have been able to volunteer in my daughters 
class. I am a room mom so I was in charge 
of planning the Christmas party 
which was really fun. 
I love that I know every child in her class!

Christmas fun!

So far Winter is flying by and this Summer luvin
girl hopes it stays that way!!
I truly try to be present and just enjoy every day
to the fullest and everything is
funner with these girlies!!